Starter Collection

Everyone has to start somewhere. Our Starter progress bars collection is an excellent compilation of animations for every taste that you can use for customizing your YouTube experience. You can use any of our custom progress bars to make your YouTube more unique and entertaining.

Starter items


The heart symbol is an ideograph used to express the idea of the heart in its metaphorical or symbolic sense. A cute pixel custom progress bar for YouTube with Pixel Heart Spinning.

If you miss the old YouTube looks and want your progress bar in YouTube to look like the original YouTube Style from 2011-2012 then this progress bar is for you! A beautiful custom progress bar for YouTube with YouTube Style 2011-2012.

A tank is a heavily armed and armored fighting vehicle that moves on two endless metal chains that are called tracks intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground combat. A toy custom progress bar for YouTube with LOL Tank.

Cherry blossoms or Japanese Cherry or Sakura are symbolic flowers of the spring, a time of reveal and the fleeting nature of life. A beautiful flower custom progress bar for YouTube with Cherry Blossom Flower Sakura.

Forget Me Nor is also known as Scorpion Grass is a beautiful flower that enjoys a temperate climate and originally native to Europe, Asia, and North America. A Nature custom progress bar for YouTube with Forget Me Not Myosotis Flower.

Two red hearts, one larger than the other and in front is often used to express such emotions as love, affection, pleasure, or happiness. An emoji custom progress bar for YouTube with Two Hearts emoji.

Devil Smile Emoji, also known as Smiling Face with Horns, is a purple face with devil horns and a wide grin all around that face. An emoji custom progress bar for YouTube with Devil Smile Emoji.

NASA's mighty Saturn V rocket has propelled dozens of astronauts into space. The Saturn V's first flight was for Apollo 4 mission that took its place over 50 years ago on November 9, 1967. A space custom progress bar for YouTube with Saturn V Space Rocket Flying.

Stuart Harold 2-D Pot aka Stu-Pot, Pot or Simply 2-D is a lead virtual band vocalist and a frontman of the popular alternative rock music band Gorillaz. A fanart music progress bar for YouTube with Gorillaz 2-D.

Sean Jack William McLoughlin is known to many online as Jacksepticeye or Jack, Irish YouTube creator and video game commentator and a founder of clothing brand CLOAK with another YouTuber Markplier. A fanart YouTuber progress bar for YouTube with Jacksepticeye Logo.

Noodle is a lead guitarist in the music band Gorrilaz, that wrote the entire album Demon Days. A fanart Gorillaz progress bar for YouTube with Noodle.

A rocket is a manmade vehicle that uses thrust from its engines to travel on long distances or even space. Rockets got their name from the Italian word rocchetta that means little spindle. A astronomical custom progress bar for YouTube with Mini Rocket.