Progress Bar with Sanic with Shotgun Meme

Sanic meme is a poorly drawn cartoon version of Sega's mascot and a star of Sega video games Sonic the Hedgehog. Sanic meme also often is accompanied with broken English, similar to Amogus, Dankey King, Dolan and other memes. Same Sonic, Sanic also has a best friend, but he is called Taels'. Sanic was created in 2010 by 0nyxheart. Since the creation Sanic meme had many alternative meme versions, including Dark Sanic, Dankspine Sanic and even Infinitely Beyond Omnipotence Sanic meme. Same as use cases for Sanic meme, as here with Sanic with shotgun meme, or Sanic with Gun meme. A meme custom progress bar for YouTube with Sanic with Shotgun.

Sanic with Shotgun Meme