# Spirit

Studio Ghibli's timeless classic, My Neighbor Totoro, has captured everyone's hearts with its enchanting story, stunning visuals, and lovable characters. A fanart Studio Ghibli progress bar for YouTube with My Neighbor Totoro Cute Chibi Totoro.

Chu Totoro is a beloved character from the popular Japanese animated film by Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro. A fanart Studio Ghibli anime progress bar for YouTube with Cute Chu Totoro Walking.

Hu Tao is one of the playable Pyro characters in the Genshin Impact game that has the skill to summon and commands a blazing spirit called the Spirit Soother. A fanart Genshin Impact progress bar for YouTube with Spirit Soother in Hu Tao Hat.

Ori is a spirit and a titular character and a main hero of the Ori game series starting Ori and the Blind Forest game. A fanart Ori game series progress bar for YouTube with Ori Speed Away.

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