# Pig

In a Minecraft Bedrock edition, there is a small chance of spawning a rare Jockey mob, like a very rare Zombie Pig Jockey, where Minecraft Zombie Riding a Pig. A fanart Minecraft progress bar for YouTube with Zombie Riding a Pig or Zombie Pig Jockey.

King Pig, also known as Smooth Cheeks, is the main villain of the game series Angry Birds. A fanart Angry Birds progress bar for YouTube with King Pig Crying.

Dipper and Waddles are both the main characters of the Gravity Falls animated series by Disney Chanel. Dipper has a sibling Mabel Pines and they both go on an unexpected adventure in the small and mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. A fanart Gravity Falls progress bar for YouTube with Dipper with Waddles playing.

Minecraft's sandbox game Muddy Pig has a great sense of style. It's just a muddy variant of the common Minecraft Pig but covered in mud with a stylish touch of a flower on top of its head. A fanart Minecraft custom progress bar for YouTube with Muddy Pig.

Pigs are just like dogs, if they are treated properly they are very clean, kind, and cute animals that you can even take on leashed walks with you. A cute custom progress bar for YouTube with a Cute Pig.

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