# Penguin

Originating from the fourth generation of Pokémon games, Piplup is often the first choice for many trainers due to its Water-type characteristics and potential growth. A fanart Pokémon progress bar for YouTube with Piplup Pixel.

Penguins may not be the fastest creatures on land, but when they pick up the pace, or even Naruto run, it's an cute display of energy and determination. A cute animal custom progress bar for YouTube with Penguin Running.

Mr. P one of the most popular Brawl Stars Mythic characters is frustrated and angry because of a connection loss mid-game. A fanart Brawl Stars progress bar for YouTube with Angry Mr. P Bad Connection.

Badtz-Maru or Baddo Batsu Maru is a cute male penguin with spiky black hair and one of many characters of the wonderful company Sanrio that brought us Hello Kitty, Katsumi, and many more. A fanart Sanrio progress bar for YouTube with Badtz-Maru with Heart.

Gunter is a personal servant of the Ice King in the Adventure Time cartoon series. A fanart Adventure Time custom progress bar for YouTube with Gunter Dancing.

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