# Jump

Slime Rancher, the charming and cute video game with its unique gameplay and variety of the adorable slimes to play with and even create your own slimes. A fanart Slime Rancher progress bar for YouTube with Pink Slime.

Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom and is known as a star of the Mario game series returns in pixel form in the Super Mario World. A fanart Super Mario game progress bar for YouTube with Pixel Mario Jump.

Dipper and Mabel were told by Stan that they both can choose one item from the Mystery Shack gift shop, but he forgot that his grappling hook was there. A fanart Gravity Falls progress bar for YouTube with Mabel and Dipper Grappling Hook Jump.

Spamton G. Spamton or simply Spamton is a Darkner from the Cyber World in the great game of Deltarune. A fanart Undertale and Deltarune progress bar for YouTube with Spamton.

Cuphead is a titular character of the run-and-gun video game by Studio MDHR. Cuphead with his brother Mugman were misbehaving and went to a casino where they lost more money than they had. A fanart Cuphead progress bar for YouTube with Cuphead Jumping.

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