# Heart

Badtz-Maru or Baddo Batsu Maru is a cute male penguin with spiky black hair and one of many characters of the wonderful company Sanrio that brought us Hello Kitty, Katsumi, and many more. A fanart Sanrio progress bar for YouTube with Badtz-Maru with Heart.

The heart symbol is an ideograph used to express the idea of the heart in its metaphorical or symbolic sense. A cute pixel custom progress bar for YouTube with Pixel Heart Spinning.

My Melody sometimes My Melo for short is a white rabbit and Hello Kitty's best friend, and a character of the Japanese characterization company Sanrio. A fanart Sanrio progress bar for YouTube with My Melody and Flat the Blue Mouse.

Mabel Pines is one of the main characters of the Gravity Falls cartoon series by Disney, she is a twin sister of Dipper Pines. A fanart Gravity Falls progress bar for YouTube with Mabel's Scrapbook with Heart Ba Bump.

Cats are cute little creatures with soft rounded cuddly body shapes, they are lovable, and they seem vulnerable and small to us and that makes us want to take care of them. A cute custom progress bar for YouTube with Cute Cat with Heart.

Two red hearts, one larger than the other and in front is often used to express such emotions as love, affection, pleasure, or happiness. An emoji custom progress bar for YouTube with Two Hearts emoji.

Pucca is a titular character of the Pucca Flash and TV animated series that focuses on a young girl who is in love and obsessed with a ninja named Garu. A fanart Pucca progress bar for YouTube with Pucca in love.

My Melo or My Melody is a cute little bunny character in the amazing world of the Sanrio characters. A fanart Sanrio custom progress bar for YouTube with cute My Melody.

Pusheen is not only the most adorable drawn cat on the internet but she also loves cuddles, snacks, and dress-ups. Get ready to have heart eyes all day, every day as this cute gray cat is now available as our fanart Cupid Pusheen the Cat progress bar for Youtube.

We see the familiar heart symbol everywhere - in text messages, signs, cakes, clothing, balloons, games, and more. Lyric poetry, valentines, and emojis are identifying the heart with love. A lovely Pixel Heart progress bar for YouTube.

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